Missional Women

You know it’s gotta be good when anyone prays and labors over anything as much as Laura Krokos has prayed and labored over the new Missional Women app. Oh, and it’s free!

For weeks I have been impatiently waiting for the day I could download the new Missional Women app, and let me tell you it far exceeded my expectations.

Did I mention it’s free?!

When I joined the Missional Women’s app launch team I was unsure if I would actually be able to write a blog post about it. Maybe a little social media promotion but… However, 30 seconds after I opened it for the first time, I knew I could find plenty of good things to say about it. I truly felt in my heart that this could revive and revolutionize the way women walk with God and study His word.


It does offer Bible studies but it offers even more:

* The Bible

* Audio Bible

* Bible reading plans

* All the helpful Missional Women articles

* Discipleship resources

* Lock screens

* And tons more

Did I mention its free?

My mission in creating ARelentlessSurrender.com was to create honesty, transparency and intimacy so that the body of Christ could be enlarged and strengthened. I’m really not a salesmen (did I mention it’s FREE?) but I believe this app can help do just that.

So today’s the day I’ve been giddy about, and I can’t tell you how honored I am to be a tiny part of the MW app launch team or how proud I am of Laura Krokos. She has blessed me for the two years I have been a part of her MW community and I KNOW she will bless you also.


Check out the app, leave a review and join in the fun at the launch party. You’ll be nothing but blessed.


Win Himalayas

The first thing that captured my attention when I first saw winHimalayas on Instagram was that Pastor Haron seemed to always be on his knees. The more I get to know him the more I can see that even while standing tall, the posture of his heart is always kneeling. This man is anointed. He has said a brave, “yes!” to a sacred calling on his life. He is truly a reflection of Christ’s love and humble service.

When he responded to my invite with a desire to write an Easter post my heart sang.
Last year for Lenten our family ‘gave of’ rather then ‘gave up’. The idea behind it came from “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.” Proverbs 19:17
This verse left me wondering how could I lend to the Lord when it’s already all His. My human brain is still baffled by Gods amazing reasoning.
I decided to ‘give of’ rather than ‘give up’ because that’s really what Jesus did isn’t it? He gave of Himself.
I am thankful to the Himalayan missionaries and grateful my eyes have been opened to the needs of this area. I pray you agree.



Dear family and Friends,
Greetings to you from the Land of Mt Everest!

As I reflect on Easter this year 2015, my heart is worried. I can’t help but think about the millions of people who are living without Jesus Christ in the Himalayas. It is heart breaking to hear of the spiritual oppression, self-mutilation and blood sacrifice that is happening throughout Himalayas. Jesus came to seek and save the lost, yet millions of people have still never heard His name and are living in desperate physical and spiritual poverty.
As we celebrate Easter (God’s love for us), I want to take a moment to thank you for showing your love to the “least of these”. You’ve truly helped bring a “living hope” to so many without hope, and blessed those who need it most with life-changing relief. What an incredible testament to the power of your compassion.

Will you consider giving towards this Easter by delivering lifesaving relief and hope to the most vulnerable children and families in the Himalayas. Our faith calls us to reach the poor, the hungry, the sick and the orphaned—just as Jesus did. This Easter season, RISE UP and HELP children rise up to a new place of hope and promise,

May God bless you, your family, and fill your hearts with joy,

Pastor Haron


What better way to celebrate Good Friday (the day Christ gave of Himself) then by giving of, and lending to the Lord!       ~Gina

EVABGELISOUTREACHES $4001200 http://www.reachhimalaya.org

Reach Himalaya Ministries is a compassionate ministry working among the indigenous people groups of the Himalayas, reaching thousands of remote villages by providing much needed resources and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


Born a Momma

I’ve never forgotten the pleading and howling. I’ve never forgotten the lamenting and groaning and yes, sometimes – whining and pouting.

I haven’t forgotten the day the stick said I was, but I said it couldn’t be, I couldn’t be, and I chuckled like Sarah, because I’d like to tell you I’m full of faith bone deep, but that’s not me. No, I had to have a nurse… and a doctor confirm it.

There is an ache soul deep when a momma needs to be a momma. No, I didn’t misspeak. It’s a very common thing to be born a momma. It’s also common in our broken world to give birth and never be a momma – really.

I spent 3 years asking God why not me. Then He gave me the marvelous wonder of motherhood, and I’ve spent every day since asking God why me.

You know where I see pretty babies all the time?


And Instagram.

And Facebook.

And Twitter.

There is a constant stream of adorable babies. Have you noticed? I promise you the 6.7 million women battling infertility notice.

No, battling wasn’t a poor choice of word either. There are people battling cancer, poverty, Aids, depression, addiction and… infertility.

Don’t think cancers the only thing that can eat away at your insides, or that addictions or depression affects you neurologically but not infertility. And don’t think for a minute that Aids and poverty are the only socially isolating issues.

Becky said, “our hurts seem so small comparatively.” Haven’t we all been there? It’s not a bad place to visit. We all need reminding of how blessed we are. Thank God He isn’t into comparisons. There’s enough God to tend to the cancer, Aids, and us without compromising the other.

Social media can be a hurtful place for those battling infertility. Lucky for me, 8 years ago social media wasn’t a thing. Or at least wasn’t a thing I knew about.

I snuck in for a bath in the jacuzzi the other day. That’s where I shed most of my tears and whaled most of my infertility prayers. I stared up at the ceiling and memories came flooding back.

Memories of how I felt so alone and forgotten as everyone else was having their first, second… fourth babies. I felt like I was forgotten. God where is mine?

Infertility left me feeling broken and ugly. If I was fearfully and wonderfully made then why am I broken, and unable to conceive?

I felt like I was striped of what made me a woman. Like I slipped down the conveyer belt and missed the quality control inspection.


Or maybe punished?

Friends and family? Well, the ones I felt comfortable talking to didn’t know what to say. They meant well. It’s hard to know what to say to hurting people period, but especially if you’ve never been there. I would hear things like:

-You want kids? Take mine! -Maybe it’s just not meant to be.

-Don’t worry. Just relax and it’ll happen. -Your trying too hard.

-Why don’t you just adopt?

-It must not be Gods will and you wouldn’t want anything that isn’t in Gods will for you would you?

While there is some truth to some of these, and total truth to the others. Hurting people only hear of one more way they are a failure.

They hear of one more way they weren’t blessed and highly favored.

One more way they are blowing it.

Today is her birthday. But, Inside I feel like it’s my birthday too. Not in a steal your thunder kind of way, but a remembering the thunder that tore me open and made us belong to one another.

No it isn’t when I came, but when I became – the only thing I’d spent my whole life dreaming of being.

So today I’ll celebrate her birth.

I’ll celebrate my becoming Mommy.

I’ll save the wishes for her and I’ll make the prayers. I’m praying that all those women born Mommas find their babies. image