How to Really Live

For thus saith the Lord unto the house of Isreal, Seek ye me, and ye shall live. Amos 5:4

There is a whole world full of people chasing after life… Dreams… Goals… Achievements… Recognition… Hopes… Love…

It’s hard to turn on the t.v., the radio, the computer, flip open a magazine or drive past a billboard without seeing someone amazing. There are globe trekkers, actors, singers, athletes, photographers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, survivalist… mattering.

Once upon a time there was a girl who told her 8th grade teacher she wanted to be a mom. That teacher told that girl that she needed to choose a real career. She needed to choose a real job. A real life. So she chose her second interest, beauty.

She accomplished it but it wasn’t until she became a mom that she felt she was really living. Like she had found the calling on her life. Like she was created to cook, clean, cuddle and point tiny humans toward Christ. It felt like holy work. Purposeful… Mattering.

But… Words like songs, are hard to get out of your head.

So that girl who’s now a mom isn’t sure she’s really enough. The world is full of chasers, maybe they are leaving her in the dust?

When someone asks what you do,
and they ALWAYS DO, you again put on a brave face only to be greeted by their face becoming disinterested. Disapproving. Even disgusted. So rather than turn another face you save face and say, “I am a hairstylist.”

“Do you keep busy?”
“Oh heavens yes.”
Inside you know that the reading lessons, kissed boo boos, spelling test, science experiments, trips to the park and play dates aren’t what they are referring to, but let’s just leave it be.

And if your getting the idea that I’m on the opinionated side of women/moms staying home… You’re wrong. The proverbs 31 woman worked.

There needs to be christian voices in every industry.

We may be a salesmen or a janitor or just a mom, but as Christians our main occupation should be seeking God.

This question may be the litmus test to determine if you are ‘really living’.

Are you hearing God, and are others hearing about God from you?

Amos made it clear that this is the measure of really living.

Holy living is wholly living.

Everything we ever are is only granted to us as opportunity to honor God. Without that, we will just be another sad ending to a “successful” life. Surely, if anything, Hollywood has taught us that.

And this is [really living], that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. John 17:3



12 thoughts on “How to Really Live

  1. Oh, Gina, this was lovely and so thoughtfully written! I have made the rounds from at-home, to preschool teacher, and back to home, with a fair amount of ambition towards being a published author sprinkled in there. I truly believe God birthed it in me, but I find myself in need to be mindful that it doesn’t become just a cover for my identity issues or an answer to THAT question. You are so right. Holy living is wholly living. In whatever He has called us to. Thanks for a great thought-provoker. 🙂

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    • As I was reading Amos I couldn’t stop noticing the parallel to our society today. Isn’t it amazing how he doesn’t change his plan of attack but we keep falling into his traps. I hope to give women who lower their faces our of feelings of inadequacy a little curage to lift up their eyes to where their help comes from.
      Thanks for your comment.

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    • I’m struggling with this a but now. I’m a single mom so I have to work. But because of my current career I’m left pretty exhausted if I work a full week, with no time left for house work. Some nights not even bothering to get in the bed some nights for if I do I would never wake up on time to start the madness all over again.


      • God bless you. Thank you for speaking up. I imagine that you are often left feeling invalidated. Girl, you are a super mom. I just want to hug you. I don’t know how on earth you do it and I would imaging you don’t either. You sister, are doing the most holy and sacred. I hope you have a strong support system and mentor. I’m sure the mile have left us far from one another but what I would give to hug you and help you scrub a toilet. You WILL be in my prayers.
        Thanks for the comment.

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      • Reaching out and hugging you right back. My only immediate support is daycare and I can only afford to send her 2 days per week since business has been a bit slow, but she starts Pre-k this fall so I’m super excited about those few hours of free time coming my way. Yay! Thanks for the encouragement and prayers. Be well and be blessed!

        Mom is far away, but is still a huge source of encouragement. Her prayers go up to the heavens on our behalf daily, and for that I’m eternally grateful.


  2. Love this! Very thought-provoking.

    Just a few days ago I read a post by someone very accomplished, travels all over the world, but still seemed unhappy. Blogging seems to be helping her sort out her feelings but we know it takes time. I was sad for her as I knew my own process took a while but once we focus on God and learn to really hear when HE speaks, things become clear much faster. I don’t know what her relationship is with God as I can’t recall ever having seen her write about that topic, but Focusing on HIM should be our ultimate goal and that’s when we really become ‘Alive’.

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  3. Amen! It is so easy to lost track of our purpose in the confusion of the world, yet our personal callings are beautiful. That beauty is define by the one who gave us the purpose.Thank you for this word.

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  4. Hi Gina, Thank you allowing me to write in your guest post…I hope this is one. So good be friend of you thru Instagram. You are very good blogger and I really enjoyed and love it.

    I really like the bible verse from, For thus saith the Lord unto the house of Isreal, Seek ye me, and ye shall live. Amos 5:4. We are motivated by desires. We struggle to get to a better place with our lives. We want more comfort, better living conditions, plenty of affluence and influence. While none of this is wrong, but our desire for God and reaching out to the lost with the love of Jesus is must be more important in this life and beyond. In the Bible, we find David always having a desire for more of God. He rose early in the morning to seek after Him and took time to recall the blessings He received from God. He magnified God while he was surrounded by his enemies. David made God’s name famous. In return, in spite of his humble background, God made him the king of Israel and called David a man after His own heart. I always tell myself that “if I don’t have a desire to live more for God and reach the lost which is the heart beat of God, I am not living life to my highest potential. Let’s become lovers of God reach out today “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God” (Psalm 42:1 NIV).

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