All I Know is I was Blind but Now I See

The blind man who Jesus had just healed answered the Pharisees with, I don’t know everything about Him but this I do know, I was blind, but now I see. (St.John 9:25)

I love how as you read on through this story the Blind man continues to grow in His understanding of who Jesus is.  The blind mans first account refers to his healer as “a man named Jesus.” (St.John 9:11) later in verse 17 he calls him “a profit”, and he again refers to Jesus as “a man of God” in verse 33. After this, the Pharisees cast him out of the temple.

The once blind man displayed loyalty to Jesus when he boldly testified of Jesus’ work in his life. I can take a lesson from that.

Jesus never stops there. He never takes care of our flesh without concerning Himself with our souls. Jesus found him and ask him if He believed in the Son of God. The once blind man answered, “tell me about him so that I can believe on Him.” Jesus tells him that he is speaking to the Son of God. Then the blind man said, “Lord I believe.” And He worshipped Him.

I love watching the man grow in knowledge and  understanding. It reminds me of my own process. I am continuously seeing anther facet of Christ. The fact that He requires so many names for us to even begin to understand who He really is makes my heart flutter.

I love how his encounter with Christ changed him so dramatically. In verses 8-9 it reveals he was a mystery to those who knew him before his encounter with Jesus. Can you relate? I know I can!

What astounds me even more is how God is so contradictory without being contradictory at all. He is our king and our servant. He is our God and our friend. He is our judge and our advocate.

When we grow in our own understanding of who God is we also grow our worship and adoration of Him.

You know, we never hear the blind man’s name in this story. It seems kind of sad to only be known by your handicap. I have an inkling that the blind man wouldn’t have cared though. I believe his name didn’t matter because he knew the story was really about Jesus and he was content to allow God the glory. Are we?



3 thoughts on “All I Know is I was Blind but Now I See

    • I am in constant awe as God continuously reveals Himself more clearly to me.
      There were no great epifanys in today’s post. Just reminders for this shy girl who’s sheepish with her testimony and amazed by the way God continues to reveal new lessons from old stories.

      King and servant.
      God and friend.
      Judge and advocate.
      Those words are oxymorons. They are contrary and contradictory… But God! None can compare!
      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for the follow.

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  1. Oh, always loved this story. The simplicity of his statement, “All I know I was blind, but, now, I see.” I like the comparisons made here, and definitely relate. And the name thing, yes, the only name that mattered here was the name above all names! Not because the man mattered little, but because He was just thrilled to have been touched and give glory where it was due. My fondest hope and prayer is to remember to be like that. Blessings, hugs, and prayers! Well done!


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