Pray for Nepal


Pastor Haron guest posted for A Relentless Surrender three short weeks ago. Today, I still have not heard if Pastor Haron, his wife, children, church or community are among the survivors of the earthquake in Nepal.

My stomachs been in knots as I diligently watch social media, my email and news reports for word. I don’t know if he is unable to access working Internet or if he is busy helping others or if he has been injured, but I do know this, Pastor Haron’s country and ministry are in dire need of prayer.

In the introduction I wrote for his guest post I said,”Pastor Haron is always on his knees. This man is anointed. He has said a brave, “yes!” to a sacred calling on his life. He is truly a reflection of Christ’s love and humble service.”

I know if Pastor Haron could reach out to us he would ask that we join him by getting on our knees on behalf of his country.

There are a lot of “pray for Nepal” post floating around. I plead with you to not merely click like or say we will pray in the comments. This is a 3:33 moment,

there is an urgency! The death toll is climbing. The injured are mounding, let us pray for restoration, healing, that God would reveal Himself to the lost, and that God gives ALL people of Nepal peace that surpasses all understanding as they walk through this time.



I don’t know a lot of details, but I have recieved word that Pastor Haron and his family are well. I know they do desire your continued prayers.


4 thoughts on “Pray for Nepal

  1. This is certainly vital and touches my heart on a deep level. Sincerely joining with you in prayer for Pastor Haran and the people of Nepal. God bless them, heal, restore, bring peace, and use this tragedy to draw them unto Him.

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  3. Thank you Gina, me and my family is safe. Just go the internet. Thank you so much and appreciate you very much for your love and prayer. we are doing good sleeping in the tent like a refugee, lost every things and but thank God we haven’t lost God. Need your prayer and no words to explain the destruction in the mission field. Every things gone, churches, believes homes, children and women. Need prayer.


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