A Lesson from the Daffodils

So yeah, I’m late on my Wise Woman Wednesday post… Life happened.

A month ago I asked her to guest post for the blog and she agreed and it’s too good not to post. Better late then never right?

Plus, she is one of my favorite people. In part because she doesn’t hate me even though when she was still using training wheels I took her bike riding, and as we crossed a busy street I told her to, “pedal FAST FAST FAST!” She did, and ended up head first in a ditch full of water with only one training wheel sticking above water level. AND even though I teasingly pushed her and she wasn’t balanced well… Yep, I shoved a 3-year-old down. Oops.

I am clumsy and she still grew up lovely in spite of me.

As if all those reasons she is great isn’t enough; can we talk about how pretty, graceful, talented and wise beyond her years she is? Asking my niece Charli Newsom to guest post really was a no-brainer. So without further ado…


Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll run across a patch of daffodils while wandering in the woods. And oft-times if you’ve run onto these, even though there may not be any evidence left other than these flowers, you’ve run across an old homestead.
At one time the homesteaders planted daffodils around their houses, and today… whether it be 50 or 150 years later, they are still there. These beautiful, seemingly frail, little flowers have lived there, even though the house and out buildings have burned or fell down around them, and the people who had once took care of them no longer live there. Those daffodils have lived through every windstorm, ice storm, snow, flood, and drought the years have brought. And every spring they thrive to be one of the first to bud, as if to say, “Look! I have lived yet another year!”… as if they are still determined to show their best to express thanks to their planter.
Daffodils are just one of the many little blessings God has given us to enjoy, but if we would look closer, they are not just something to enjoy… they are a wonderful example for us to follow. We need to be more like the daffodils… God has planted us here to be a blessing to other people and evidence of a house they cannot see, because it is not a physical house, but a spiritual house. A house that, if they would choose to become a part of, they will see one day.
When everything is falling down around us and through all the storms and droughts life brings us, we can still wake up every morning and think “Look! God has given me another day!” We should thrive to be the best we can be for our Creator, to express our thanks to the one that “planted” you where you are.
After all, we ought to at least be as strong and determined as a flower.



3 thoughts on “A Lesson from the Daffodils

  1. Another beautiful post! It’s amazing how you see beyond just the daffodils. You see the rest of what happens in the world. You see the people, the care, the love, the beauty that happens to get us here everyday and then you see gratitude. You are full of wisdom and your writing is so beautiful. Love how deep you write and that it comes from your soul. Keep going girl!

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  2. Beautifully put. Love the way God gives us such pertinent lessons from His creation. May we prove to be those hardy daffodils in life! God bless!

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