A True and Holy Love Story

Here we are in the midst of the Christmas season; which I have managed to make more about the mass of gift buying than about The Christ, but there is still time to fix and still grace to cover that-another post another day.

While we are talking gifts, I’d like to tell you about a gift I received over a decade ago but just realized a couple weeks ago. Jailyn and I were cleaning the kitchen. She was sweeping while I was wiping down countertops. Broom in hand she morphed into a singing sensation as we all do (let’s be honest here). To my surprise it wasn’t “Let it Go”. Today is was the Little Mermaids “Kiss the Girl”.

I joined in and we were belting it out way too loudly to be pretty. We got to the line where it says,

Yes you want her

Look at her, you know you do

It’s possible she wants you too

There’s just one way to ask her

It don’t take a word, not a single word

Go on and kiss the girl.


I was 12, and my sister, cousins and I were playing basketball at a church down the street; where a bunch of kids would hang out and play. Out of the blue, without warning a boy from school came up and kissed me. There I stood in front of all my peers being kissed without warning  by someone I didn’t like. I felt so humiliated. I played it off until I got home.

I called my friends and told them about how embarrassed and grossed out I had been; only to be told I was being a prood. As if that wasn’t bad enough the next day I learned how fast 7th grade news travels.

That was just one of several times I felt invaded by a boy.

Standing there singing those words I had sang and heard MANY times before but this time was jarring. When headlines are saying the count of women coming forward is now 16 and they have nothing to gain and everything to lose?

That’s when I realized the gift I’d been given. I though of how many times we have laughed about how long it took Josh to get the nerve to just hold my hand. I remembered how respectful he had been; waiting for our first kiss, and I remembered the phone call after he had felt he’d crossed the line.

Josh gave me the gift of a true love story to share with my daughter. A bit of truth to counter the Disney lie with. We stopped sweeping and looked into each others eyes as I shared the testimony of true love. Holy and real romance.

A brave young man who lived a life against the grain and in opposition to everything the locker rooms, magazines, movies and hormones told him. A man who respected a girl who was accustomed to disrespect not because she was someone’s daughter or sister or future wife, but because he knew she was made in the image of God. She was Gods and not his.

So sure we can keep on believing those are harmless lyrics, and kids will be kids, but somewhere something’s going wrong when boys are thinking they have the right to girls and girls are thinking its a boy that will make them alright. Its all mixed up, jumbled up and backward.

I am a hopeless hopeful who believes we care and can change things.

I believe we aren’t ok with the schools or anyone else teaching our kindergarteners about homosexuality. I believe uncomfortable as it may be we would rather tell our children the truth then let them go on believing the lies. Because, we aren’t blind to the cost and we know its more than reputation on the line here—souls are at risk. They belong to God and we are our brothers keeper.



6 thoughts on “A True and Holy Love Story

  1. That was one thing I really liked about my son-in-law. He dated my daughter for several weeks before he even kissed her (he even showed me where they were when he did it). And they were both in their 30’s – not teenagers for sure.


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    • I’m so glad you have that relationship with you son-in-law. I pray I can have a close relationship like that with my children’s future spouses. It must be wonderful to have the assurance that your daughter is respected and loved like that.

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      • We are too, especially since our own parents would not do that. My son-in-law is a nice guy and really likes that we love him back. We’ve worked at having a relationship with him outside of our daughter. They’re still newly married, so it’s taking time to get to know him but it’s worth it.

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  2. I’ve been thinking about what you said in your last comment lately. My oldest who is almost 8 has been having a hard time. When you hold them as babies you can’t really imaging them ever sassing or behaving ugly. I recignize that it’s part of the process of growing up, hormones are involved… However I also know it has to be addressed, and it just occurred to me that out there someplace is her future husband and God knows who he is. He is likely struggling with the same issues as they are heading into tween and the teen… You have encouraged me to be intentional with my future children-in-law. Durring this parenting rough patch your comments gave me a direction to focus on as I climb over the hurdles. Keeping my eye on the goal. Thank you.


  3. Gina, I just read this post and I love it!!!!!! I am behind in reading your blog and I am going to try to do better at keeping up. I always feel encouraged and inspired when I read your posts.

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